Log Debarker (with Vertical Spindle)

Log Debarker (with Vertical Spindle)

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Brand Name︰GTCO

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Product Description

               Log Debarker With Vertical Spindle

1.The size of log (Diameter* Length)(mm):        Φ2000×2600

2. End peeling minimum diameter of log(mm): Φ130

3. Maximum limit of blade bed-plate (mm):       1000

4. Veneer’s thickness(mm):                               0.3~3.6

5.The size of blade (Length * Width* Thickness)(mm): 2700×140×12.7

6. Main Spindle speed (rev / min):                  1.5~89

7. Motor and power: Main motor:                 26.2KW to 44.7KW ;

8. Overall dimension(Length * Width* Height):    6350×2500×2250mm;

9. Total weight (kg):                                           about 8000



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